Our most popular program, designed for every aspiring footballer. Includes ONE2ONE training sessions delivered by UEFA/AFC qualified coaches, on private club fields. Open to all outfield players 

Our ONE2ONE Program is a full hour session with just the individual and one of our coaches, this serves as a great opportunity for development. Each session is delivered using 'The AFCB Way', which blends the physical development & technical development with enjoyment. The sessions can be tailored to the individual’s desires & needs which can really accelerate the individual’s progress!

Within our private sessions, our team of professional coaches will hold the player accountable for every action they take, our coaches will praise when the player succeeds and also make the player understand and learn from their mistakes.

We have found over the years of delivering private training that the player will see the most benefit if they are able to become self-aware enough to become their own coach when they step onto the field, in either training or matches. For a player to become self-aware they need to understand when they have succeeded but also when they haven’t, so they can problem solve and figure out why they didn’t succeed even when our coaches are not there.

There is a reason as to why our private training is the most popular service, which is experienced by over 30+ players each and every week.


My son attends 1on1 training with Lee Walker AU and he absolutely loves the training and the methods. Sessions are fast paced and also specifically tailored for his position and they are all provided on excellent facilities. He will never miss a session, whatever the weather. Lee & the team have been brilliant with just the right balance of fun whilst commanding attention and respect. He is given constant encouragement and feedback.


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